I’m Jen and I write/video shit reviews of books I stumble across. If you’re looking for mind-blowing detail or anything remotely useful, then you’re likely in the wrong place. If, however, you’re interested in honest yet mediocre takes on some crackin’ books, then pull up a chair.

So who am I? I’m a 30 something girl living in Edinburgh who once loved books. As a kid, you could either find me holed up in a small corner of the library trying to figure out how I could take another book out whilst I still had three on loan, or in my bunk bed fort (equipped with well-balanced torches for dramatic lighting) re-reading the dog-eared books which I held close to my heart.

Then I grew up. I couldn’t focus on reading and my mind was in overdrive. My bookshelves grew bare and reading became a fond memory of childhood until I was diagnosed with dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity.

I’m on a mission to claim back my love of books, one shit review at a time.

My review system isn’t anything mindblowing, but I’ve grown to hate the star ratings so figured I’d try to do something that was more personal:

RatingWTF the rating means
FavouriteFuck me sideways – best thing I’ve ever read and I absolutely won’t shut up about it. These ones have found a special wee place in my cold, dead heard and I will look at them longingly.
LovedBig, big fan. Hooked me from the get-go, kept my short attention span focused and was a delight. Probably a few things I wasn’t a fan of but will still give it puppy dog eyes.
LikedGood book. Didn’t love it but also didn’t want to throw it away. Kept my attention but didn’t love the characters/plot etc.
Not my thingNot a fan. Probably didn’t keep my attention all the time or I just didn’t gel with the story. Not something I’d recommend to people like me, but others might love it.
Did not finish (DNF)Struggle bus for me. Didn’t keep my attention at all and didn’t want to pick up the book again. You’ll most likely never see a DNF on here, but that might change in the future.

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