Work with me

First thing – I’m flattered you’ve even clicked on this. It’s dead cute and you’re a nice person.

Reading books and writing/filming reviews of said books takes a massive chunk of time so I am extremely picky with what I read. This is a hobby after all and I don’t want to slog my way through a book just because it’s free.

So! I’ll only accept books which I think I’ll love and genres I enjoy will get priority. After all, life is far too short to spend hours in a book you don’t enjoy.

Very, very super important bit:
Every single one of my reviews will be an honest take. I will absolutely always give my thoughts (both good and bad) no matter if I paid for a book or if someone deemed me worthy of getting a free copy. If you want someone to write a glowing review just because, then I am definitely not your girl and please don’t contact me.

Genres I love:
– Historical fiction (I’m all about the past)
– General fiction
– YA
– Fantasy
– Science Fiction

I can’t promise to agree to every request (I am human, not a machine), but I’ll always try my best to review every option.
My review preference is a print copy, but digital copies are absolutely fine and I’m also on Netgalley.
Oh, and whilst I’m here, I appreciate that ARCs will have formatting issue and/or general weirdness to them from time to time and I will not pay any attention to it in reviews.

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