Review: The Farm – Joanne Ramos

TitleThe Farm
AuthorJoanne Ramos
Page Count: 327
Genre: Fiction / Science Fiction
Rating: ★★★✰✰

I got this as a preview copy from the nice people at Netgalley. I will always be honest about a book no matter if I paid for it or not. There are also affiliate links in here, too 💜

Golden Oaks. A center for wealthy people to handpick their surrogates and ensure their future children are given only the best food with the best medical care money can buy. The main issue? Golden Oaks can only survive on the suffering of others. They prey on the poorest communities they can find. They hone in on immigrants who are struggling. They offer them life-changing amounts of cash with the promise of hefty (and in some cases eye-watering) bonuses should they give birth to a healthy child.

This is a book about exploitation and what makes it worse is that this doesn’t feel so radically out there that it absolutely could be happening right now. And even with that in mind, The Farm had the premises to be such an amazing book but it just didn’t quite hit the mark for me. The writing is beautiful, but the story jumps around from character to character, those of which added very little to the main story, and left my poor, pathetic brain a little confused as to who I was supposed to be paying attention to.

I just wanted a little more…

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