Review: Watch Her Fall by Erin Kelly

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Watch Her Fall
Author: Erin Kelly
Page Count: 400
Published: 1st April 2021
Genre: Fiction, Thriller

This book is living rent-free in my head

And I’d like to start charging it digs.

My only experience with ballet was when I was like 7 or 8. Picture a bunch of sugared-up kids at the ballet version of Peter Pan for the dancer kid’s birthday and the screams when Tinkerbell’s wings fell off. That’s all I can think about if you mention ballet around me and it definitely tainted my thoughts.

So when I saw this book float around, my finger hovered over the request button numerous times umming and ahhing. I presumed it wasn’t my usual jam and, like, how interesting could a ballet actually be? Clicking that little green button was probably one of the best choices I’ve made in my book life and this book is one of my favourites this year. Here’s why:

✨ A ballet master/genius who wants his version of Swan Lake to be the best shit around.
✨ Ava, his protégé and daughter (talk about major pressure), is ready to spin all those magical spins as the lead Swan.
✨ Someone’s out to sabotage her career. Some might say they’re going to watch her fall…

This is a story told from three different viewpoints; Nikolai, Ava and Juliet.

Let’s kick it off by making one thing very clear – Nikolai Kirilov is a dick. There are no two ways to describe it. He’s old-school, treats his dancers like performing minions (God help you if you have any technology in your dorm), calls them his creatures and makes them numb to the world ultimately ensuring they have no life skills.

His dancers go along with it because he happens to be the owner of the London Russian Ballet – world-renowned and the place where people flock to see the magic created on stage. Whilst he essentially runs a prison, he gets results and that’s fucking annoying. Boo him.

Swan Lake will be the best ballet he’s ever produced – even if it takes people’s careers out with it.

Enter his daughter – Ava Kirilova. Nik’s star (his standards apply to Ava as well) and principal ballerina who’s cast in the lead role of Odette and Odile. At the ripe ol’ age of 30(ish), she’s getting past her prime so this role will be a career-high to end on. It has to be hers and nothing will get in her way. Also a bit of a dick, but when you’ve been nurtured to think you’re better than everyone else, then it’s bound to happen.

And then there’s little Juliet. Oh you sweetie pie. All you ever wanted was to impress, but the minute tragedy hit her knee, everything changed.

This is a dark story about manipulation in a very cut-throat world with twists and turns coming out of your ears.

Holeeeeeee–eyyy shit. I loved it. Every damn minute of it. Granted I got about half way through and was like ‘Hey Erin, pal. Where’s the ballet at?’, but I get it. I GET IT NOW.

Give me more.

Watch Her Fall is out on the 1st April 2021 and you should absolutely buy it because it’s a banger.

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