Review: The Image of Her by Sonia Velton

Title: The Image of Her
AuthorSonia Velton
Publisher: Quercus
Page Count: 384
Published: 22nd July 2021
GenreFiction, Thriller

The ‘I didn’t pay for this’ warning

I got this as a preview copy from the nice people at Netgalley BUT I will always be honest about a book no matter if I paid for it or not. There are also affiliate links in here, too 💜

TL;DR Recommendation:

Loved. This is a beautiful book with one hell of a connection.

Hello, Sonia. We need to talk because my poor noggin was NOT ready for what happened.

Brace yourself for this absolutely wild little read:

✨ Two women, one man situ
✨ One family in Dubai melting in the heat
✨ The other making pals with DPD
✨ One VERY FUCKING CLEVER connection

Let me introduce you to your new pals. First up you’ve got Connie – a nice sounding lady who’s coerced into moving to Dubai ’cause of her husband’s job. Poor Con never quite fit into the typical westerner-in-Dubai vibe and struggles with the idea of help around the house. Said husband (AKA Mark) is, however LOVING life with his newfound freedom and taking advantage of Connie’s nice nature.

Mark is a bit of a wanker. Let’s not beat around the bush with that one – he’s manipulative, controlling and absolutely doesn’t deserve Connie. The Christmas incident with his parents was one of the many reasons I’d like to hurtle this chunk of man-meat directly into the sun but let’s not dwell on that ground-snuffler for any longer than needed.

And then there’s Stella. Stella’s life is on the other end of the spectrum. Whilst Connie is living what most people would call a dream ex-pat life, Stella is living in the miserable UK looking after her dementia-riddled and very toxic mother whilst befriending the DPD man. As someone on a first-name basis with my local DPD lad, this probably hit me a little closer than anticipated.

Stella’s life is rock bottom. With no way out, tragedy strikes which bind these two women together in a way you probably will never see coming.

I read Ms Velton’s Blackberry and Wild Rose back in 2019 and let me tell you these books couldn’t be any further from each other. Whilst BaWR will always have a wee snug spot in my heart, The Image of Her takes on a completely different world. And you know what, she fucking nails it. Whatever genre she goes for next, I’ll be ready to pour it into my eyeballs.

SO if you’re after a clever AF plot, characters that will warm your cold, dead heart with a little sprinkle of science, you should absolutely grab this book.

I’m also NOT ashamed to admit that the name of the book has actual meaning until the end. Sometimes I’m smart, but not today.

The Image of Her lands on shelves 22nd July 2021.

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